How do you get a girl to like you?

January 1st, 2014 — 5:56pm

This is no news that some guys are extremely popular when it comes to women and  others are not. What is their secret you ask? Actually there  is no secret, in general they just know what a woman wants and know how to choose a right woman from thousands out there.  Everything depends on if you already know the girl or not. Dealing with the girl you know is definitely easier to approach her, also you probably have some clue what is she like.

So what do women like? Basically it is possible to put all this information in one sentence but it wouldn`t  give any specificalities. Lets start with a basic thing that makes a girl like you, it is called independence and owning a peronal life. This shows a woman that you are grown up and there are other people out there, who want to communicate with you. For women this means that you got to have good communication skills. Other possible thing to full some part of your free time is having hobbies. This assures a woman that you are interested in something more than just drinking and partying. Hobbied are also great topic for conversation. In conclusion women like a man who knows what to do with his time. If you have other ways to fill your free time, then a woman won`t feel threathened that you could start to cling to her.

Be the ice breaker, say something funny or ask her out to do fun things together with you. There is no better way to grow closer with a person than doing an activity together.  Don`t be afraid to show that you are not perfect, it makes a girl feel that you are a human and that making mistakes is normal. This way you avoid her being too shy.

If you keep meeting her and doing things together don`t forget to flirt because you probably want more than a friendship. Touch her hand, compliment her , when you are passed the face of starting to get to know each other. This action lets her know, that you want to be more than her friend. Be patiend and don`t hurry, everything comes with time. The more you spend time with her and the more things she gets to know about you. If she keeps coming out with you, then you will know, that she must like you, because no woman goes out with a man she doesen`t like more than one time.

Remember that no matter what you do, always stay true to yourself, don`t misrepresent yourself and never lie. That way you can assure girl is interested in you not a guy you have created. Always be polite, smell good and be in good mood while meeting her. It is too soon to let her know your personal issues. Don`worry, there is no need to be perfect in everything you do, just show your effort and you will be on the list of considerate men. While getting a girls attention, Don`t forget that all this process should be fun and enjoyable, giving something away from yourself and getting it back from a girl, this all can just be good company.

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How to get a girlfriend

January 1st, 2014 — 5:55pm

When time is right and you feel that you are longing for more than just one night stands, you probably want to know where and how to search for that perfect woman to spend your life or at least some good quality time with all extras. Seems like finding a girlfriend is not that hard and it is enough when you are out there. Actually it is a bit harder than finding yourself a girl for one night because you want your girlfriend to be special and have similar interests as you do. These are probably your minimal requirements in order for you two spend quality time together and sharing point of views.

To find yourself a girlfriend, you have to make sure what kind of women  you like. It is easier to say than do but if you don’t know exactly what are you looking for, eliminate all those things you hate woman doing. For example drinking, smoking, cursing, gossiping,wearing too less clothes or whatever that is you don’t like. Knowing that makes deciding and finding that special girl a lot easier, when you know what you are looking for.

Next thing is to know where to look. If you want more serious relationship, then try to avoid bars and nightclubs. There are a lot of occasions when people are drunk in clubs and misrepresent themselves. So if you might be seeing that charming lady again next day, she can be a lot different, than a night before. While going out and meeting people, don’t drink or drink as little as possible because you don’t need it, you are man enough without being tipsy. This sort of behaviour avoids misunderstandings later on.

For creating lasting relationship you probably want a girl to share your interests. Best way to find that sort of girl is to go places you enjoy and could meet some possible girlfriend candidates. Such places are: theatre, cinema, concerts, festivals, birthday parties, reunions, trips, volunteer work events- everythings is mostly depending on your personal taste and preferences.

For not wasting your time and breaking your heart, avoid any dating with women, who are married , already taken or have some more serious issues with letting go ex boyfriend’s. These sort of women may just be using men to get over previous relationship or to avoid being alone and sad. Strictly avoid those women, because you don’t have to be someones substitute, until chosen woman feels better, you deserve happiness with a woman,who wants to be with because of who you are.

While meeting women, never make up any big lies about your income, place of living or work.  Truth always prevails and if you lie you will have to do a lot of explaining later on and may not even get a chance to explain. If you feel that a girl you are meeting right now, may be the one, stop seeing other women, because if she sees you intimately talking or touching somebody else, she may just stop seeing you because she may feel  you are not serious with her.

Lets say that you will meet her for some time and everything seems to be going in reasonable pace, sooner or later comes a time you will have to say it out, that you want to be with her. This is the part shy men are usually afraid and use indirect hints to let her know about their feelings. If so she may not understand you properly and eventually to get an answer from her, you will have to pop the question anyway, if she would like to be your girlfriend. So it is wiser to find a moment that suits right, when there is only two of you and ask her directly. At least you will get the honest answer and depending on the answer, either start a rewarding relationship with her or look around for someone that suits better for you. Don’t lose hope, like they say there is a second half for every single one of us.

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